AGI acronym for Italian Labor Lawyers, is an unrecognized, apolitical, non-profit association, which was founded in March 2002 in Milan on the initiative of a group of labor lawyers to promote the exercise of the legal profession in the field of law of work.

The association also pursues social and cultural purposes and promotes gender equal opportunities not only among its members in the legal profession but also in the world of work in general.

To achieve the social aims, it cooperates with public authorities, with international, national and local organizations, also participating as representatives of the category in public organizations.

AGI obtained, in November 2008 from the 29th Congress of the Advocacy, the admission among the most representative forensic associations on a national level and was registered on 21 June 2013 in the list of the most representative specialized forensic associations.

AGI, with the regional sections present throughout the national territory, has means and widespread diffusion in the territory and adequate skills to carry out the role that the Italian Constitution assigns to lawyers, namely that of being guardians of the effectiveness of law and jurisdiction.