“Write to us and we will help you.
We are lawyers and lawyers dealing with employment law.
If you need advice to enter the world of work and protect your rights, Agi, Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani, offers a free online advice desk: to guarantee the best employment, internship and training opportunities, assistance and support to the income.”


Italian lawyers and labor lawyers (AGI) express strong concern about the lack of recognition of the human rights of women and men victims of armed conflicts, humanitarian crises and violations of the most elementary democratic rules.

However, the lawyers and labor lawyers are also firmly convinced that humanitarian corridors are not enough and will not be enough if the states of the European Union and Italy give asylum without offering a job and with it dignity, equality and inclusion to refugees.

AGI on the basis of these considerations intends to launch, as a positive action, a permanent counter that can offer, through the collection of information and requests, free labor law advice for refugees, so that asylum procedures are accompanied by those to favor access to work, so as to guarantee the best opportunities for employment, internships and training, assistance and income support for the effective exercise of all citizenship rights and for true social inclusion.